Case of the week

Accidental endobronchial intubation

  ACCIDENTAL ENDOBROCHIAL INTUBATION    Authors  Dr. Shafi Ejas T.M; PGY 1, MEM Dr. Yoga Moorty MS; PGY 1, PGFEM Dr. Fabith Moideen VM; Attending ER Physician Dr. Shahul Hameed; Attending ER Physician, Mentor Dr. Venugopalan P.P; Chief , EM MIMS
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Sickle Cell Crisis- VOC

Sickle Cell Disease with Vaso Occlussive Crisis      Authors: Dr.Mohamed Kabeer K.K[MEM- PGY 1] Dr.Ramkumar S.[MEM- PGY 1] Dr.Binu Kuriakose C [MEM- PGY 1] Dr.Sajid Majeed [PGFEM- PGY 2] Dr. Venugopalan P.P (HOD, EM) A 21 year old male , a known case of sickle ce
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