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[International Academic Training  Centre- (GWU, USA)]
[International Training organization – American Heart Association]

Emergency Medicine (EM) is a newly developed medical specialty that spreads at a phenomenal pace throughout the globe.  EM plays an essential role in healthcare and in many countries, serves as a safety net providing the necessary healthcare to patients who require immediate medical attention.  Recent worldwide urbanization, economic changes, disasters, aging populations and worsening health care systems have led to an increased awareness of the need for organized, well trained emergency care throughout the world.

MIMS is the first NABH accredited multi-specialty hospital established in 2001 and our motto is “A Caring mission, A Global vision”. The casualty service was upgraded to "Emergency Medicine" department with international standards in 2006. The department is renovated both structurally and functionally and is now outstanding with adequate equipments and qualified staff support. Our concept has been accepted by the medical world. The department has become popular among public within a short span of time. The top management of MIMS extended their whole hearted support to develop this new specialty in Kerala. Dr.Azad Moopen [Chairman MIMS],Mr.Salahuddin [Vice Chairman -MIMS Academy],Dr.Abdulla Cherayakkat [Manging Director MIMS] ,Prof. K.K.Varma [Director MIMS Academy] ,Dr.Bobby Kapoor [Director ,Fellowship programs] ,Dr.George Abraham [Chairman IIEMS] and Dr.Tamorish Kole [HOD ,EM ,Max hospital Delhi] with their tremendous support, have vital roles in developing  an International emergency department at MIMS. The department is functioning with the motto “Join hands.....Save Lives  ...” and is saving many savable lives.

 Emergency Medicine Program Directors

 Dr.Jeffry Smith MD MPH [Director, Masters Program in Emergency Medicine –GWU .USA]

 Dr.Kate Douglass MD MPH [Coordinator Masters program in Emergency Medicine –GWU .USA]

 Dr. Amelia Pousson MD, MPH

 Head of the Institute

Dr.Venugopalan.P.P  MBBS, DA, DNB, MNAMS, MEM [Site director for Masters program under GWU  and  Deputy Director MIMS Academy]

Faculty members

MIMS Calicut

Dr Venugopalan P P, DA, DNB, MNAMS, MEM (Director, Emergency Medicine & Senior Faculty)

Dr Ahmed Shafi, MBBS, MEM (HOD)

Dr Shibu T Varghese, MBBS, MD

Dr Prem Shankar, MBBS, MEM

Dr Binu Kuriakose C, MBBS, MEM

Dr Sabeer Mohamed, MBBS, MEM

Dr Shihana Saifudheen, MBBS, MEM

Dr Koteswara Rao Botla, MBBS, MEM

Dr Prem Krishna R, MBBS, MEM

Dr Apurva Gujjar, MBBS, MEM

Dr Mohamed Ameer, MBBS (Asst. Manager & MLC Officer, Retd Deputy Director of Health Services)


MIMS Kottakkal

Dr Yassir C, MBBS,MEM (In-charge)

Dr Rehna Kamar, MBBS, MEM

Dr Obaidhulla Kunhammed, MBBS, MEM

Dr Mohammed Shafi N, MBBS, MEM

Dr Jean K Babu, MBBS, MEM

Chief Resident

Dr Prakash P S, PGY3-MEM

Visiting Faculty members

Qualified emergency physicians are visiting the Institute every month from GWU –USA as teaching faculty in the Masters program. IIEMS faculty members are also visiting and involving in the training program regularly.

ANO – Mrs Mariyamma George

MIEM Supervisor – Mrs Nirmala Thomas

Life support Course coordinator – Mr Vistin Varghese

Specialty and Institute back up  

Institute is functioning with prompt and round the clock supports from the following facilities

Cardiology,Anesthesiology ,Medical ,surgical, Coronary ,and Pediatric Intensive care units,Medicine and Medical Specialties,Surgery and Surgical specialties,Plastic , Facio-Maxillary  and Dental Surgery, Radiology,Laboratory Medicine, Transfusion Medicine, Pediatrics, ENT and Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynecology,Nursing,Security,CSSD,House keeping,Billing,MSW, Engineering and maintenance, QAD, Infection control, Finance, Biomedical, Console and telecommunication and MIMS Academy.

 International and national accreditations

George Washington University – USA,

Ronald Regan Institute of Emergency Medicine – USA,

Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services - IND,

American Heart Association – AHA,