Spotter of the week

11 JUN 2015

What Renuka Says Spotter Series ...

                                                                                         Dr Remya.A.S                                 

22 yr old male came with c/o cough x 1month
Breathing difficulty x 4 days
k/c/o embryonal carcinoma  of testis
s/p orchidectomy , now on chemotherapy

Vitals :
PR: 120/min
RR : 35 /min
Spo2 : 83 @room air
BP : 130/90
Temp: N
GRBS :120


What  are the findings in CT  scan

What is  the chemotherapy he is on ?

Ground glass appearance
Broncheictatic changes
Fibrotic changes
Chemotherapy – bleomycin

GROUND GLASS APP : partial filling of air spaces by exudate or transudate , as well as interstitial thickening or partial collapse of lung alveoli.
Seen in infections like PCP ,CMV, RSV
idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome  (IHS) –