Seat belt sign

24 JAN 2012

Above picture shows "seat-belt sign" over chest and abdomen of a 30 year old male involved in a road traffic accident,where a SUV crashed into a wall,killing the driver instantly.He was in the passenger seat and his life was saved only because he was wearing a seat-belt.
The seat belt sign is an abrasion in an area where the seat belt contacts a person's body  classically seen over the abdomen and the chest.Seat-belt sign is indicative of high mechanism of injury.One should have a high index of suspicion of blunt abdominal injury,if one sees this sign.
The use of seat-belts has reduced the overall mortality associated with motor vehicle accidents.But associated blunt injury to abdomen is a complication,and it should be ruled out by imaging-CT scan preferably,or if not,closely monitoring the patient.
Dr.Firoz Kareem MEM PGY1